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Horizon is a global Immigration and Settlement Services Company with recognized leadership in providing Knowledgeable, professional and career- oriented solutions to people aspiring to permanently settle abroad. Based in Ahmedabad/India, horizon operates in conjunction with its Business Associates spread  all over the country .In India, the company’s Head Office is located in Metro city Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

A winning team of highly educated and experienced profeesionals is commited to maintain it’s leadership position in the key areas of Immigration and Settlement Services, Education abroad. The organization’s goal of providing couteous profeesional services  focuses on achieving the highest level of client-satisfaction.


Our strong knowledge of the educational system and job-market of various countries combined with our ability to access and analyze crucial information, allows us to prepare  a “Plan of Success” for our clients and their families.

Our focus is on providing services that are geared towards  personal and professional growth of our clients , in turn ,lends us the synergy to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.


Immigration Canada Australia

Skilled Worker and Proffesional Business Class (Self employed, Entrepreneur and Investor).
Family Class
Temporary Work Permit.
International Student Authorization and Admissions
Visitor Visa
Our Success Factor  
Our strong knowledge about:
- Immigration Laws and Regulations
- Business and Industry
- Schools, Colleges, Universities and the Education System
- Our ability to analyze the crucial information
- Our continuous research and development using latest technology available.
- Our strong network in corporate world.
- Our strong business relation with leading Human Resource Management & Educational Organizations, in Canada, USA, UK, Australia & Mauritius.
Immigration has been an important vehicle, driving economic change in number of countries. Immigration has brought knowledge, capital and energy to these countries that have played an important role in their economic growth and prosperity. Today Canada and Australia welcomes people from over 150 countries to immigrate and contribute in making their country prosperous.
Following are few reasons why you should with us in you endeavors of immigration and settlement.
Our thorough knowledge and extensive experience in the area of immigration ensures that your application meets all quality standards and complies with the requirements specific to your category and diversifying needs of Immigration Authorities.
We regularly correspond with Immigration Processing Centers to make sure Your case Proceeds faster.
Evaluation of Educational Credentials (if applicable)
Our commitment to Continual Performance Improvement encourages us to regularly update our skill by attending professional development courses related to areas including immigration, industry trends and other general interest area.
Our strong network of professionals in various industries will benefit you. This, in turn, will aid you in building a network with qualified professionals and in taking the shortest route possible towards your professional placement.
Our collaboration with a number of leading Human Resource Management Services, specializing in various sectors, will significantly enhance your potential to find a job of your choice in the shortest possible time in those countries.
Assistance in obtaining Social Insurance Number, Health Card issued by the Government.
Professional assistance in the job search process.
Purchasing/renting commercial property, house or apartment
Assistance in seeking admission into school, college or university and study programs, counseling for your children.
Assistance in preparation of Business Plans  and setting up of Business.
Consultation with financial officials and other industry professionals.
Arranging legal advice.



Horizon works closely with a number of leading educational organization worldwide to help students find a career of their choice. These organizations offer courses specializing in various industrial sectors and occupation segment. Our strong knowledge and understanding of educational systems of various countries enables us to suggest the right educational program for students, leading to their career growth.

Horizon provides studets a wide range of courses available with a number of leading universities and volleges in Canada, USA, UK (London), Australia to ensuretheir short and long term success. We offer proffesional assistance and guidance to students in various area including :

• Career counseling
• Admissions in Universities and colleges
• Interview preparation
• Visa Assistance
Client Presentation Report  
For each client, we submit a highly personalized client-presentation report to the immigration Authorities based on extensive research and analysis. Our Immigration experts prepare this report in accordance with the immigration rules and regulations. This report plays a vital role in outclient's cuccess to secure immigration. The purpose of this reportis to demonstrate to the immigration authorities as to how our client qualifies for immigration and the contribution that our client can make to the echonomic, cultural or artistic life to that particular country.
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